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“Steadfastly minded” to Do the Will of God – Part 2 of 2

A FAITHFUL RETURN TO JUDAH  Naomi chooses to return to Judah The famine in Judah had ended (Ruth 1:6). The Lord’s blessings had returned to Judah. The Lord had given them bread.  Naomi encourages her daughters-in-law to remain in Moab (Ruth 1:7-9).  As they were on their… Continue Reading ““Steadfastly minded” to Do the Will of God – Part 2 of 2”

John R. Rice – Thoughts on Separation

“Those who hold to the faith of the gospel according to Philippians 1:27, those who believe in the deity , the virgin birth, miraculous life, atoning death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, and in the inspiration of the Scriptures in which these things… Continue Reading “John R. Rice – Thoughts on Separation”

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