John R. Rice – Thoughts on Separation

“Those who hold to the faith of the gospel according to Philippians 1:27, those who believe in the deity , the virgin birth, miraculous life, atoning death and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, and in the inspiration of the Scriptures in which these things are clearly revealed from God and who have personally trusted Christ as Saviour are Christians worthy of our fellowship, and should be called Christians.” (pp. 145)

I recently got a “new” old book by John R. Rice and I am enjoying it greatly. From what I have been able to ascertain it is no longer in print. I bought a used copy of it after searching for it for a long time. Below our some of his thoughts on biblical separation, they are very interesting from his book “Dr. Rice, Here are more Questions…

“One might break fellowship with a born-again Christian who continues in gross sin, as we see from I Corinthians 5:11-13. And one might refuse fellowship to a born-again Christian if he made doubtful disputations, divisions and strife on lesser matters, according to Romans 14:1. For example, I could let a Pentecostal brother come to a revival and help us win souls and I could have Christian fellowship with him, pray with him, and enjoy the Word of God with him provided he did not make special issue of tongues. If he did cause “doubtful disputations” we could not continue in fellowship. That would lead others wrong.” (pp. 146)

“If a born-again Christian makes constant division and strife over lesser matters, then sometimes he breaks the fellowship with other Christians.” (pp. 146)

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