The Lord is Near!

“The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.” – Psalm 34:18


Walk me through the loneliness

and the valley of my sorrow…

Hold onto me when I’m too afraid

to think about tomorrow…

Let me lean on You, Lord,

when I’m too weary to go on…

Hold my hand, Lord,

through the night until I see

the light of dawn…

written by – B.J. Hoff

 The word translated as “nigh” in Psalm 34:18 has the meaning of being near, allied with, at hand, a near family relation and eager to help comfort. When we are going through the tremendous sorrow of a broken heart, keep in mind the Bible promises us at this time the Lord is as near to us as possible. He is allied with us; that is He is not going to let us go through this despair alone. He is always at hand, He is not going to let even one moment pass by without being there for us in that trial. The Bible says He is a near family relation; or in other words He is there for us as a loving Father wrapping us up in His loving arms of support and love. He is eager to help us, He desires to and will give us the strength we need moment by moment. We may not realize it at the time; but looking back on certain moments we have been through in our life, we know it is only but for the Lord helping us through that moment that we made it through.

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