Time, Space & Matter


Genesis 1:1 – In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.


There is a vast and immeasurable universe that we live in. The physical universe is “temporal” its characteristics are defined by time, space and mass/energy (usually just referred to as matter).

Any effort to determine the cause or reason for the universe getting here or where it came from is based in faith. No human was alive to observe the theory of the “big bang” and the preceding “billions of years” and then the theory of evolution. All of these theories are based on assumptions and presuppositions. All beliefs in the origin of our present universe can be broken down into to statements:

  • There is an infinite series of random causes and effects going back almost infinitely in time with no ultimate cause other than that of the “big bang theory”. But this leaves us with the question “what caused that?”


  • There exists and uncaused First Cause that was transcendent to the universe and this First Cause created the universe with an intelligent design. With this statement the universe was created purposefully and not by a random series of occurrences happening over billions of years.

You need faith to believe either of them since they our improvable. Either you believe in what some finite men say about the origin of the universe. That a tiny spec blew up and spread material randomly around until it somehow started forming planets then somehow a lifeless particle became alive and eventually evolved through billions of years into every living thing on planet earth. Or you place your faith in an infinite God and that “In the beginning God created” everything there is. Either way what you believe is believed in by faith. You either have faith in what finite men say (who if you believe what they say, their very existence is just a random occurrence) or you believe in an infinite God with infinite power who created all the world with purpose and by design.

Let’s look at Genesis 1:1 – We learned already that the basic elements of the whole universe consist of Time, Space & Matter.

“In the beginning” – We have the creation of time. Time as we know it did not exist till God made it exist.

“God created” – Here we see the reason things came into existence. We have our “First Cause” revealed to us in these 2 words. Think of all the time and money spent on research over the years that could have been saved by reading and believing those 2 words.

the heaven” – God created space. God created all of space in which the earth exists.

and the earth.” – God created matter. All that we can see in the natural world and in space God created.

So we have in this one short verse the origin of all the universe. The “First Cause” of the basic parts of our universe. We have the “First Cause” God creating Time, Space & Matter. The 3 fundamental parts of all the universe.

Final thoughts on this verse:

  • The word interpreted God in this verse is the Hebrew word Elohim. Which means the mighty God which is many is one. Or in other words the Mighty God which is three in one which is referred to as the Trinity.
  • So we see that God created the universe with 3 basic parts to it. The 3 in 1 universe is a reflection of our mighty God and his Trinity.
  • The Bible also tells us that “man was created in the image of God.” Man also is 3 in 1. We are body, spirit and soul. So man reflects God’s Trinity by our Tri-unity of body, spirit and soul.

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