Our First Thoughts

Psalm 5:3 “My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.”

“The Morning Prayer”

Wherever I go today, Lord,

Wherever my path may roam;

Be with me all the way, Lord,

And bring me safely home.

Whatever I may do today, Lord,

From day-break to setting sun,

May I do it all, I pray, Lord,

As Thou wouldst have it done.

Whenever  I speak today, Lord,

May each word I choose be clean;

May none of the things I say, Lord

Be hateful, harmful, mean.

And to those I meet today, Lord,

May I do as Christ would do;

That thus I may teach His way, Lord,

And they may know Him too.

So may I journey each day, Lord,

That all the world may see

By the things I do and say, Lord,

Christ reflected in me.

                                               — Written by L. J. Ekvall.

Let God be the first thing in your thoughts every morning. The Psalmist has the correct priorities in putting God first in his day and in his life. The Psalmist also is going in the right direction in his life and in his spirit, he says “I direct my prayer unto thee“, he is not looking at self, he is not trying to live even a single day without God’s guidance, without God’s fellowship and without God’s blessing on his life. It can be very hard sometimes to put our full trust in the Lord. Trying times will come; faith will be tested greatly, but we need to always as quickly as possible find our way back to our God, our Lord, our Redeemer and in times of trial and despair most importantly our Comforter.





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